About Us

©Southport Hound Dog Collars and Leashes
Southport Hound began in 2015 when founder, Elizabeth, and her husband Vince welcomed a chocolate lab puppy, Louise, to their family. Elizabeth was on the hunt for high quality and well designed dog collars and leashes but couldn't find what she was looking for. She then decided to create an original collection of dog collars and leashes that featured her hand drawn designs, all locally manufactured in Chicago. The motifs run the gamut from cheeky and playful to classic and chinoiserie. When deciding what to name the company, Elizabeth looked no further than her street (Southport) and Louise (the hound!).
Southport Hound's mission is not only to create original high quality dog accessories, but also to contribute back to the community. As a result, each month a portion of all proceeds are donated to select local 501(c)3 charitable organizations.
Elizabeth truly loves creating each unique pattern and draws inspiration from many places like country living and traditional home decor. Louise and her neighborhood friends love sporting these one-of-a-kind designs and we hope the dogs in your life do too.

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